Tiktaalik Webpay Basic (REST)

$30.000 each

Note: This plugin implements the REST API comunication method that Transbank currently uses for all new integrations. On the other hand, if you signed your contract with Transbank before October of 2020 AND had a previously validated website integration with currently valid digital certificates, then you need the old SOAP plugin version. Please note though, that Transbank is already deactivating the SOAP service since June of 2022.

Did you use Hikashop to build an online store and now want to offer to your clients the option of paying on your website with their credit, debit, and prepaid cards?

Then this product is what you need!

Product features:

  • Direct download of the Tiktaalik Webpay Basic plugin for Hikashop, which will connect your store to Transbank™ Webpay Plus™ system
  • The Tiktaalik Webpay Basic plugin allows processing normal (single) transactions with immediate funds capture
  • Two operating modes: Integration and Production
  • The Integration mode lets you run the validation tests that Transbank requires to authorise credit cards payments on your website
  • The Integration mode includes the default store ID number and secret API key that are required to validate your integration on your website
  • After your integration has been authorised, you just need to enter the store number assigned to your business and the secret API key you received from Transbank during the validation process
  • Once you activate the Production mode, the plugin will use your information data to establish a connection with the Transbank server
  • The plugin inclues a Debugging Mode that will help you on detecting configuration or operation problems
  • GPL v.3 license
  • Installation and configuration support via ticketing system (3 months)


  • PHP 7.2.5 or greater
  • Joomla 3.1 or greater (4.0+ recommended)
  • Hikashop 4.2.3 or greater (Possibly compatible from version 3.0.0, though it has not been tested with those versions, so we do not offer any guarantees for them)
webpay plugin mobile mockup

This plugin is also available as a subscription product!

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