Tiktaalik Event Info Bot

$30.000 each

Do you need to inform people on Twitter or Telegram and keep them on their toes for the date of an event? Maybe automatically reply to their frequently asked questions?

Then this bot is what you need!

Product characteristics:

bird-shaped robot
  • Direct download of the Tiktaalik Event Info Bot™ for Twitter and Telegram platforms
  • One-time assistance via Help Desk ticket to install and configure your bot on Google Cloud platform, Twitter and Telegram
  • It can be configured to run on a regular server or in the App Engine service from Google Cloud Platform
  • The product includes a debugging system that can be turned on or off via REST access
  • Twitter quota information is also accesible via REST
  • REST functionality will allow you to program a CRON service (also available in App Engine) to regularly trigger actions on your Twitter bot, such as replying to mentions with pre-programmed answers to specific keywords, liking those tweets, and following who mentioned your bot
  • Your bot will also be able of calculating the time remaining to the event date you specify in the configuration. This calculation could be either, years, months, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds
  • For Telegram, your bot will use a webhooks system where Telegram servers will directly send an encrypted notification to your server
  • For now, the Telegram bot only replies to specific commands
  • The product can be configured to only activate either just the Twitter bot, the Telegram bot, or both simultaneously in one single instance
  • Fully multilingual engine and includes complete translations in both English and Spanish. You will be able of easily adding translations for other languages
  • Includes standard example texts. Just customise them for your event
  • GPL v.3 License
Google Cloud Console


  • Python 3.7
  • Standard Python 3.7 runtime if installed on Google App Engine
  • Twitter and/or Telegram accounts configured for using with a bot