Tiktaalik Webpay - System Demo

$50 each

This a sham product meant to demonstrate how this plugin integrates the Webpay Plus (REST) system in your Hikashop store, by simulating a transaction on this website.

Simply choose 'Add to cart' above and then go ahead with the order.

Don't worry, this purchase won't be charged on your card. Instead, it will ran through the 'Tests environment' that Transbank provides to integrators so that they can simulate a normal transaction.

Once you fill in your data and submit the checkout form, you will be redirected to the familiar Webpay page where you can fill in card and bank details. Naturally, as this is a simulated environment, you will require the following Transbank-provided data to proceed (please write it down before proceeding):

  • Card number: 4051885600446623
  • Expiry date: any, you choose one
  • Verification code(VC): 123
  • Bank (when you choose to pay using Debit card): TEST COMMERCE BANK
  • Bank (when you choose to pay with Prepaid card): TEST COMMERCE BANK PRE
  • RUT: 11.111.111-1
  • Password: 123
Plugin Tiktaalik Webpay para Hikashop

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